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Kristen gives us a pussy peek with naked pics

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Because Kristen Bell knows it’s hard for you to find her on a free day, when she isn’t squatting on cocks and getting her pussy drilled, she’s sent us pictures of her pussy to encourage you guys to be hopeful that one day, you’ll find see her casually bending over a set of stairs, her skirt lifted to show her gaping pussy, inviting you to get your cock out and fuck her silly. And these pussy pictures of Kristen Bell are very well made; I especially like how she shows her flexibility by leaning over and peeking in between her open legs for the camera while still keeping her perfect pussy in plain sight. How’s that for advertisement?

Kristen also shows how she loves to roleplay, by gearing up in sexy cowgirl boots and a hat, and again, while giving us a clear view of her cunt. That is, after all, the selling point. So, are you sold yet? If not, she’s got time, and I do too, so let me give you more of Kristen Bell’s naughty pussy pictures.