Naked Kristen Bell gives perfect handjob

September 12th, 2016 by J

It’s downright tempting to fuck Kristen Bell when she’s naked and flirty on the bed but this leaked video has some highly tolerable dude who just settled for getting a handjob and cumming all over Bell’s big round juggs. Bell did say she’s vegan but let’s hope she didn’t take out man’s throbbing meat from her list of foods not for her consumption. Would be nice to see some horny dude’s dick inside that pretty lil mouth of hers.

Kristen Bell gives kinky handjob while naked on the bed

Hardcore Kristen Bell likes sex in public

April 19th, 2016 by J

Kristen Bell is the type of a woman who is more or less the tomboy-ish kind when she was a little girl. She would not just play with dolls but would go on crazy rough plays like little boys enjoy doing. She isn’t also the princess type in plays as she doesn’t give a damn if her role in an audition were a banana and a tree, which she actually won, by the way. So I guess this brings us to the conclusion as to why she is also into some hardcore stuff, which includes humiliation, and this is whenever she’s in public. No surprise for a video like this to leak as there were a lot of witnesses filming for their own pleasure. Who knows which of them uploaded this on the web, but that didn’t matter much really. See in this clip is Bell made to walk with her hands tied, stripped, mouth-fucked and of course she got her cunt plowed hard too. They look so comfortable having wild sex outdoors like they are all alone in some hotel room with a sensual music playing in the background as wine and strawberries filled the air.

Wild and naughty Kristen Bell enjoys hardcore sex in public

Kristen gives us a pussy peek with naked pics

April 14th, 2010 by kb

Because Kristen Bell knows it’s hard for you to find her on a free day, when she isn’t squatting on cocks and getting her pussy drilled, she’s sent us pictures of her pussy to encourage you guys to be hopeful that one day, you’ll find see her casually bending over a set of stairs, her skirt lifted to show her gaping pussy, inviting you to get your cock out and fuck her silly. And these pussy pictures of Kristen Bell are very well made; I especially like how she shows her flexibility by leaning over and peeking in between her open legs for the camera while still keeping her perfect pussy in plain sight. How’s that for advertisement?

Kristen also shows how she loves to roleplay, by gearing up in sexy cowgirl boots and a hat, and again, while giving us a clear view of her cunt. That is, after all, the selling point. So, are you sold yet? If not, she’s got time, and I do too, so let me give you more of Kristen Bell’s naughty pussy pictures.

Kristen Bell is a naked Heroes star

April 14th, 2010 by kb

If the Heroes characters stopped saving the world for once, this is how you’d find them, sharing a guy’s cock and balancing out their Do A Good Deed days with Kneel And Suck Cock days. And even if Hayden Panettiere and Kristen Bell‘s characters don’t sit too well together, they’re both equally horny enough to call truce whenever their cunts start itching and looking for something to ease the tension on set. And being famous and gorgeous stars, they’re sure to find a guy who’ll unzip his pants for a behind-the-scenes blowjob and a facial.

And who between the two, if you’ll ask, is the sluttier and hungrier for cum? Judging from the cum on her lips and the hand greedily locked on to the cock, it’s Kristen Bell, with only poor Hayden getting a lick after the fun is done and the guy is spent. Oh well. That’s what you get, Hayden, for not paying attention. That’s why we love sluts like Kristen, don’t we? We love her so much, that we’ll never get tired of watching Kristen Bell suck on cocks and get nasty facials.

Kristen Bell’s pussy fucked by vegetables

April 14th, 2010 by kb

Here’s Kristen Bell, reminding you all to eat your veggies because they’re good for you. But wha–? Kristen, pussies don’t eat vegetables! Unless she’s found more kinky ways to make use of her cucumbers, and let me have a closer look… yep, she’s masturbating with the lucky vegetable. Oh well, so much for the vegan campaign. Anyway, this looks like a hot proposition from our slutty Kristen Bell; she doesn’t need to spend another dollar from the millions she earns from doing Heroes episodes, she just needs to open her fridge and pick out a fresh-looking, phallic vegetable, and she can start on the vegan fest with her pussy. If she ever gets tired of squatting on that veggy dildo, she just needs to pull it out and take a bite out of it so she isn’t left hungry while masturbating.

Okay, that’s absurd. But if you find it hot to see Kristen Bell’s pussy being masturbated with vegetables, you ought to click the link and check out the rest. We’ve got a lot of her in this kinky past time, because she’s such a veggie loving whore.